Some Family History Notes

Jan 8, 2004

This is a work in progress until I figure out the best way to present the information and allow for follow ups and responses. I'll work on that this weekend. In the meantime, if you have anything to add or comment about, either use the Suggestions page or email me and I'll make sure it gets here.

The Germans

A while back, I copied the genealogy info that Mom wrote in the big red Rembrandt Bible. I started with the Germans, since I have a fair amount of Irish info (more on that to come). The "tree" in the Bible is this:

So, I started with place names.

  • Magdalene Zornick (st andress) Mother of Josephine Gerhardt
  • The only listing I could find for a St Andress is a town currently in Romania called Sindandrei, also known in German as Sanktandreas, in Hungarian as Szentandrás. Spelling and/or dialect variants: Sanktandrees, Andres, Andrees, Sînandreichenwa, Bschinwa. So, did Grandmom Mueller's mother come from this town? The village was originally founded by Germans in 1749, and was made up of mostly Germans with "gypsies" living outside. One site I read said the German village was laid out in a straight rectangle, with 5 streets running north/south and 5 running east/west. The "gypsy" section lay outside of this, and was "unkempt" and had no sidewalks (obviously written by a German!). The site is here(opens in new window) and click on the link labelled "Historical". The link is to a computer translated version of a page that's in German, so it reads a little odd.

    When I began, I almost gave up, because I figured finding genealogy info for a remote Romanian village would be next to impossible. You can imagine my surprise when I googled the town name and found a site listing immigrants from St Andress, the year they emigrated, where they landed and the ship they came in on. Imagine how much more surprised I was when I found this:

    ZORNIK Magdalena -[Z652]- Age: 15 -From: St Andreas
    -DtAr: Sunday, 20 Nov 1904 - To: Baltimore, MD -Via: Bre/Bal -Ship: Cassel
    -Note: Going to join brother, Michael Zornik.

    So, could this be Josephine Gerhardt's mother? She would have been 17 or 18 when Big Jo was born, but that wouldn't be unusual for then, especially in "ethnic" areas. Was Big Jo younger or older than her siblings? If she was one of the younger kids, then we can rule out this Magdalena.


    Location of St Andress (needs to be fixed, give me until the weekend)  General Location of St Andress with surrounding countries

  • Cornelia Kropf (Grotz) Mother of Charles Albert Muller
  • Mom wrote that Cornelia Kropf was from "Grotz". I found a map of Austria that has a place called "Graz", which, in German, would be pronounced "Gratz", so I think it's safe to say this is the place. Interestingly, when I googled "Cornelia Kropf", I found a link to the local government in Graz, and one of the people listed as working there is a Cornelia Kropf. I'm considering emailing her, but I don't speak German!

    Map of Graz

  • Karl Muller (Vienne) Father of Charles Albert Muller
  • Mom told me specifically that "Vienne" was not Vienna. The German word for Vienna is Wien (pronounced "Veen"), but the only place in Europe I could find called Vienne is in France, but not close to Germany, more in south-south central France near Lyon, so I think this must be Vienna, especially since Cornelia was from Graz.

  • Henry Gerhardt (Austria Hungary) Father of Josephine Gerhardt
  • This is way too vague a location to find out anything. Does anyone have any further info?

    That's all I have for now--not bad for a couple of hours Googling!