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The Nerve Center

Web/email server on bottom left, database server bottom right,
laptop, scanner with factory installed cat
and a glass of the fuel which runs it all by the lamp. Click to enlarge.

Muellers Online

2020 Update

After rereading this, I should have put a geek warning on it:

Boring technical stuff follows:

It's funny to see that picture. Those machines that used to host the site were old even then--a pair of Dell Optiplexes that I bought on eBay for something like $75. They ran Windows 2000/IIS 5.0, SQL Server 2000 and a free email program called MailEnable. After we moved from this apartment to a house, I added to my collection, having development/testing servers along with 'production' servers for each, so 6 machines in all, again Dell Optiplexes, all in our dining room on wire racks. Andy said he always felt like he had to badge into our dining room. When the cable guy came to install our internet he said he never saw so many machines in a house at once :) . It was a real PITA to host all of that though, it was a lot of work to maintain, as I had to go through web and email logs pretty much every day to make sure none of my servers were hacked. None ever were! As much a PITA as it was, it was sure a great learning experience. Now the site is hosted by GoDaddy and I get all the web and database space I want and a good amount of email space for around $15/mo. A fair tradeoff!

The pages were developed using Classic ASP (as it's now known) and some SQL scripting. ASP is a very old way to build web pages, so I'll probably port it over to .NET or whatever is the current language. Another learning opportunity, but one that is at least useful nowadays. Being knowledgable about ASP developing is like bragging about your Word Perfect skills, or being super great at managing a Windows 95 machine.

The cat in the pic, Boy, is no longer with us. He moved from Katy to the UK and back with us, but several years after we moved into our house here in Katy he became really lethargic and just laid around all day and passed. Good old Boy, easily the smartest cat ever. Quite large as well.

2004 Update

AKA the Hatbox Project, the huge amount of pictures we have will be scanned and put on the web. Then, everybody will be able to not only see the pictures, but search for certain images (of Houston, of Mom, all Christmas pictures, etc), add particulars, such as who is in the picture, when it was taken, maybe relate a funny story, etc, so that maybe we can get a good amount of them catalogued. This will be achieved by an online form, that will go with each image; for example, if I scan an image, and say it was taken on Mom and Dad's honeymoon, but you know it wasn't their honeymoon, but a vacation in 1955, you'll click an Update button, and fill in the correct info, and voila! updated. All of the information will be stored in a database which will be searchable online, so the more information people share, the better you will be able to search. And, as a side benefit, if everyone participates, and adds what they know about a particular picture, a whole family history will be created.

This is the work in progress, so several features are still in development (such as the Search feature); if you have any suggestions, please email me by clicking on the link below. Also, if you have any pictures that are already scanned, or are from a digital camera, and you want to have them on this site, email me and I'll get you information on how to get them uploaded here. If you have pictures you want scanned and entered, but don't have a scanner, email me and we'll work out an arrangement for you to send them here, and I'll scan them and send them back.

email Pete (