Updates and Changes

July 26, 2020

New Pages: Latest Updated page for Ireland and more

As promised, latest updated and commented pages for the Ireland pics are up, available on the left side menu. Also rejigged the menu a bit.

July 24, 2020

New Page: Slideshow Page

A slideshow page has been added. This shows the pics 1 on a page in their large size with fancy Previous and Next buttons. Well, text. And not terribly fancy. Added the link to the main Ireland page.

July 23, 2020

New Feature: Pictures of Ireland

Ireland pictures page is up now (see left menu). This are pictures we took when we lived in Slane, Co Meath Ireland in 2000/2001. Format is the same as the rest of the site, and I'll try to comment on the pics to give any interesting information there may be about them.

June 27, 2020

New feature: Search

Finally added a search feature--Search pictures. Instructions on using it are on the main search page. Still being developed, but is still a pretty useful tool. Also, there was a glitch in the Commented Pictures page that was not showing the most recent commented pics first, and was actually hit and miss as to whether newly added comments were in fact added. I made a change to the page to fix this. This change went into effect June 27, 2020. Previous comments still exist, but are no longer on the front page, but going forward anything new from June 27 will be on the first page of new comments.

June 27, 2020

New Feature: Comments

Comments page is up now. It was not available in the initial relaunch of the site.

June 24, 2020

Well here it is again!

I was able to reconfigure and upload the site to my current host. I'll be keeping a better backup of it this time. Some of the data may be corrupt, or look like testing data, but I'll be cleaning it up gradually. For now, it looks like everything is working properly, except the Suggestions page, which I've hidden for now. If you have any suggestions or comments, click the Contact Pete link and send me an email.

If you have any pictures you want added, you can also send them to me at the Contact Pete link. You can zip them and send them if there are a lot. In the perhaps near future I'll have it set up so folks can upload pics themselves, but that's a future update, as is the several decades old promise of a search function (although I'll work on the search function before the upload function).

One more note: when you go to update a picture (the first link underneath a pic on the page that shows all the details), the new window doesn't show what's already in the database, so if something is written in the display page, and you write something else (say, what occasion it was), your new info will overwrite the old info. I'll fix it in the next day or so. There are also a few formatting issues to fix, nothing that's terribly noticable, plus the info on the About page is 16+ years old!

So have at it!

Aug 18, 2004

Well, we moved to a new house, and our new internet provider doesn't allow servers, so I've had to find some place else to keep my sites, which I finally have. Unfortunately, it's not quite ready yet,and you won't be able to view any pictures or add anything until at least the weekend (8/22)...in the meantime, though, Bonner has taken over the Jenny and Bonner website, and you can view pictures of the newest addition there...John Mueller Brinson 2020 note: the jennyandbonner site is no longer up.